Compiled by A. C. Magill, 1950; Revised by Delbert R. Wilson, 1983

The name, Magill or McGill, is said to have been of ancient Celtic origin and derived from MacGiolla, Mac meaning "son of" and Giolla meaning "servant". One authority claims that Magill was originally derived from the residence of the first bearers at the monor of Maghull in Lancaster, England, but the records of the family leave little doubt that it was actually a corruption of the more ancient Scotch patronymic McGill.

Among the numerous variations of the name which were to be found on the ancient records of Scotland, England, and Ireland were MacGiolla, MacGoll, Makgill, MacGill, McGill, M'Gill, Magill, and others, of which McGill and Magill are those most generally accepted in America today.

The earliest record of the family begins with Robert Magill of Scotland. There is a family tradition that this was Sir Robert Magill of Scotland. This cannot be verified. Information received from the College of Heraldry of Edinburgh says that Sir Robert Magill was created Viscount of Oxenfurd in 1651, and that he had two sons, Charles and William.

Our family records show that Robert Magill of Scotland (Our Ancestor) had two sons, Charles Magill and William Magill (I). William Magill (I) was born in Scotland in 1670.

Robert Magill and his sons moved from Scotland to Ireland in 1715. This move was probably the result of the friction between the King and the Presbyterians in Scotland. This friction forced many of the Presbyterians out of Scotland into Ireland about 1715. From the earliest days of the family, the Magill's have been Presbyterians.

Robert Magill and his sons settled in Tullycairn, Ireland. William (II), the son of William Magill (I), was born shortly after the family reached Ireland. From Ireland, Charles and William Magill (I) moved to the township of Solesbury, in Buck's Co., Pennsylvania, about 1726.

Our family is descended from William Magill (I) who moved from Pennsylvania to Augusta Co., Virginia, in 1745. The Magills in Pennsylvania are probably descended from Charles Magill.
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