Excerpts from The Rucker Family Genealogy

Compiled by Sudie Rucker Wood, 1932

Peter RUCKER, first of the name, settled in Virginia about 1700. The tradition is that he was a French Huguenot, shipwrecked near the mouth of the James River, and that he swam ashore, living there for a time.

Peter RUCKER may have been a French Huguenot, for he was naturalized with a number of Frenchmen. We know, too, that his children were protestants. His son, John, in 1732, assisted in locating an Episcopal Church.

In The Journals of the House of Burgess, 1702-1712, page 74, Monday, May 8, 1704, "Upon consideration of the report of the said committee, upon the petition of Peter RUCKER, Cypian PROU, and others - praying to be naturalized, the house agrees to the naturalization."

Mr. C. E. LART, of London, an authority on the French Huguenot emigration says the name "RUCKER" is certainly German or Dutch.

The will of Peter RUCKER, dated June 18, 1743, was probated February 23, 1743, in Orange Co., Virginia (W.B. 1, p. 299).

Elizabeth RUCKER, wife of Peter RUCKER, may have died in 1752, the year when his slaves were divided.

Children of Peter and Elizabeth RUCKER

John RUCKER appears first in Essex Co. Later he moved to Orange Co., now Madison Co., and died there in 1742, still a young man. His wife's name was Susannah.

Peter RUCKER was mentioned in a deed in 1707 by Frederick COGHILL, of Essex Co., Virginia. "For love and affection to John, Thomas, and Peter RUCKER, sons of Peter RUCKER." After 1734, we find nothing more of him. He left no will and he is not mentioned in his father's will or his brothers'.

Thomas RUCKER died in Culpeper, Virginia, in 1743. He married Elizabeth REYNOLDS, daughter of Cornelius REYNOLDS (II), of Essex Co., Virginia. Elizabeth died in 1788.

Elizabeth RUCKER married James PIERCE. James died in 1778 (W.B. 5, p. 213, Orange Co., Virginia), and Elizabeth died sometime after.

Margaret RUCKER was born in Essex Co., Virginia, and was still living in 1776. She married Isaac TINSLEY, a neighbor, and they lived in what is now Madison Co., Virginia, and later moved to Amelia Co., Virginia, in 1758.

William RUCKER was born in Essex Co., and died in Amelia Co., in 1794. William married Honar, and they left no wills.

Mary RUCKER married William OFFILL who patented 2000 acres of land in Orange, Rockingham and Page Counties. In 1755, William and Mary resided in Broomfield Parish, Culpeper Co., Virginia.

James RUCKER was born in Essex Co. and died in Greenbrier Co. He married Margaret.

Ephraim RUCKER died December of 1796, in Madison Co., Virginia. He married Margaret VAWTER, daughter of John VAWTER and Margaret NOEL of Essex Co., Virginia.

Ann RUCKER married Shem COOK.
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