83rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, Company F

Thomas MOXLEY was born April 12, 1834. He married Mariah L. HULL, daughter of Jesse Lewis and Nancy (HAMMOND) HULL, on August 5, 1860, in Ripley Co., Indiana.

Thomas MOXLEY enrolled as a Private in Company F of the 83rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers on August 15, 1862, at Osgood, Ripley Co., Indiana. He enlisted September 4, 1862, at Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, at which time he was listed as 28 years old, of fair complexion with blue eyes and light hair. His occupation was a grocer.

On the enlistment papers, it states that Thomas was born in Georgia. However, the 1870 census record states that he was born in North Carolina.

Thomas MOXLEY and the 83rd Indiana Regiment was assigned to duty in Memphis, Tennessee, until November 26, 1862. From November 26, to December 13, 1862, the regiment was on the "Tallahatchie March".

On their return trip to Memphis, about the 10th day of December, after a very rainy day followed by a very chilly night, Thomas MOXLEY, who had been complaining, became very sick. He was having great difficulty breathing and was becoming choked. Thomas was taken to Memphis by ambulance and kept in the Regimental Hospital with chronic bronchitis and asthma.

On December 20, 1862, the 83rd Indiana Regiment was ordered down the Mississippi River to take part in "Sherman's Yazoo Expedition." At this time, the regiment sent their sick to the General Hospital.

The Surgeons Certificate of disability shows Thomas MOXLEY discharged at Jefferson Barracks Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 13, 1863.

Thomas MOXLEY returned to southeastern Indiana where he and his wife Mariah had five children. He never recovered from the effects of his service in the Civil War and on April 26, 1880, Thomas MOXLEY died in Osgood, Ripley Co., Indiana, at the age of 46 years and 14 days. He was buried in Westport, Decatur Co., Indiana, however, no marker is apparent.

Even though Mariah was still living, it was common during the time period for a guardian to be appointed for the minor children. William F. ROBBINS of Westport, was appointed guardian of the minor children of Thomas and Mariah

Mariah L. MOXLEY married Frank BRANNAN on October 10, 1881. Frank and Mariah had one child, Frank Blaine BRANNAN who was born August 28, 1884.

Frank BRANNAN (Sr.) died August 3, 1893, in Westport, Decatur Co., Indiana, and Mariah L. MOXLEY BRANNAN died July 3, 1901.

The six children of Thomas MOXLEY and Mariah L. (HULL) MOXLEY are as follows:

William Orin MOXLEY was the first child born to Thomas and Mariah on January 27, 1862. William died on January 3, 1876, just prior to his 14th birthday.

Charles F. MOXLEY was born December 20, 1863, in Ripley Co., Indiana, and died February 1, 1911, at the age of 47 years, 1 month, and 11 days.

The Great, great grandmother of this submitter, Nora Ida Bell MOXLEY was born to Thomas and Mariah on January 29, 1867, in Ripley Co., Indiana, and on November 28, 1882, she married Silas Monroe BLACK. Nora and Silas had six daughters and one son: Annie May (1884-1964); Elsie Mariah (1886-1890); Nellie Evalyn (1893-1973); Arthur Monroe (1901-1986); India Irene (1906-1996); Hulda Elizabeth (1908-1979); and Nora Cecil (1910-living). After residing for a time near their adult children in the states of Oklahoma and Missouri, Silas and Nora returned to Ripley Co., Indiana, where Silas died June 7, 1931, and Nora died July 24, 1933. They are buried in the Tanglewood Baptist Church Cemetery in Ripley Co., Indiana.

Ellen Mariah MOXLEY, the third child of Thomas and Mariah, was born August 22, 1870.

Nancy Jessie Ann MOXLEY was born May 9, 1877.

John Thomas MOXLEY was born January 19, 1880. John was just 3 months old when his father Thomas MOXLEY died. John died on November 12, 1881, at the age of almost 22 months, being just one month after his mother's marriage to Frank BRANNAN.
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